Initially, my idea was to use an infographic online tool like or to create an ‘About Me’ page but I gave up on this idea after I failed to save my work a few times due to the Internet connection problems.

Thus, I decided to go with a simple mind-mapping application ‘Popplet’. (And here again, I had to experiment with different browsers to save my work. Finally, Google Chrome powered by Astrill VPN came to rescue! Oh, China!)

I did not use Popplet much before, I preferred the one called Dream-X mind-mapping tool, which was perfect to use in class on iPads. I used it with different year levels in low primary and students found it easy to use. Another mind-mapping application, which is great to use on computers, is Kidspiration – we use it a lot in Year 2, for example, when students create a mind map on farm animals after they have returned from their field trip to a farm. The drawback with these two applications was that they did not have a full online service like Popplet.

While working on my ‘About Me’ page, I actually had a realization that I could easily use these mind-mapping tools in different aspects of my life. For the last four years I have been using these tools in my ICT lessons teaching my students how to use them while working on a project integrated into Topic or English but I never applied those to myself. I know it sounds funny but sometimes you keep doing something for quite a long time and then you see it at a different angle and find it a new application, something that was always near you, but you never paid attention to it. And this is what happened to me. Now instead of taking notes using ‘Diaro’ on my Android I feel more comfortable creating a mind-map on a book I read, or a mind-map of a meet I am going to participate in. This is still a work in progress. I used ‘Diaro’ app as a cross-platform diary that syncs well between my Android phablet and iPad and they offer good web service as well. Unfortunately, Popplet is not available for Android, which is my primary device for work, and I am in search for a good cross-platform mind-mapper that will replace my Diaro.