Will education as we know it change because of technology? Where and how will you be teaching in 5, 10, 15 years time?

Looking back at where we were ten years ago and seeing where we are now, it’s really hard to predict the future of learning – everything may happen quicker than we are expecting but taking into account what is happening now, it’s evident that in the near future learning will not be restricted to specific hours and physical locations. I would not dare to say that schools in the form they exist now will disappear in the near future (eventually they will) but your physical presence in a specific geographic location will not be required as virtual learning will take over and a part of your grades will not be accounted for your physical presence during lectures. The quality of your learning will be tested by your ability to create something using the learned content.

Another thing I am looking forward is augmented reality being widely used in history, chemistry, biology and other classes. This is an example of how augmented reality can be used to teach students about the topography landscapes:

It is used now (for those interested, you can look up theĀ augmented reality overview in education and its apps).

Although using textbooks with augmented reality is becoming popular now and very useful as it is shown in this video:

I do not think that textbooks will be used at all, whether those with augmented reality elements or just common textbooks. With the development of different ebook readers, iPads, online resources, textbooks will just disappear. In the long run, you might need to call the helpdesk to use one:-)

I am pretty sure that game-based learning will be boosting and Minecraft will still be here and it will be evolving in this direction:

Actually, this is exactly what I am expecting – this kind of reality to be used in every class – to be able to go deep down into a human body to see how blood cells behave, to go into a human brain and have a perfect visual on how neurones form new connections as a result of your learning a new activity or to observe a chemical reaction from the inside.

Online learning communities will continue to change education in the aspect that they are open and available to everyone, in most cases, for free and diplomas and certificate are in no case going to mean as much as they do now.

Education has already changed because of technology and, of course, it’s going to continue to change. It will change our roles as educators in the aspect of becoming life-long learners.