I have always been interested in programming, especially in using and integrating  programming  into the curriculum of the lower primary school. For this assignment, I decided to start building a community where people could find programming-related resources as well as express their opinions and share their experience. At the same time, my other goal was to find out more about programming tools that I could start using with my students in my school.

A couple of months ago I came across the MAD-Learn app development community. It took some time to do some research and after reviewing a few cases of using this app program in other schools we decided to get in touch with this company.

First, they sent us a long list of resources to check – it had a few study cases of how this apps development program is used in schools which I really liked.

My tech leader and I set up a Skype call to discuss the Mad-Learn platform, its testing and how it can be incorporated into our curriculum. We decided on one week testing period to start in December.

In August I talked to another Coetailer who was also interested in MAD-Learn app development platform but could not go ahead with this mainly because they did not offer a trial period (our trial was possible only dew to the fact that we are located in China and we need to find out if this MAD-Learn platform will work fine on our network).

At the same time I decided to create a Programming for Kids community on the Facebook

I also created a Programming for Kids community on Google Plus

Screenshot 2015-11-23 21.35.07








and collected and grouped programming resources on the Tweetdeck:

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You are all welcome to join these communities to share resources and experiences.

I have never built an online community in my life and creating a group (even a few) was another challenge I faced this semester. Well, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.